The Therapy Killings is a short narrative film covering a week in Dorie's life and how she is coping one year after her husband's murder.

Outside the Box Bakersfield Film Festival Laurel

Dorie is a widow...

How is she dealing with the loss of her beloved husband Johnnie? It's complicated. Dorie lives alone in their large beautiful home. She is slowly getting rid of everything she no longer needs by advertising on the internet and offering most of the items for free. Dorie waits for people to contact her. She doesn't go out much and works only a few nights a week. Dorie goes to a support group along with her friend Jean, who lost her daughter and grandson to a brutal murder. Dorie has devised a way to help herself and Jean cope with the pain, the loneliness and the anger.

Starring Sue Dimouro as Dorie

Headshot of Sue Dimouro

The Therapy Killings

is a Phyllis St George Production produced and directed by Phyllis St George and Sue Dimouro in association with bodevoice productions. The script is written by Shanon Lhoure. The film is edited by Marc Bode. The Therapy Killings has been accepted into the Outside the Box Bakersfield Film Festival which will take place on November 8, 9, and 10 at The Fox Theater in Bakersfield California.

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